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ing has been given as a cause in one case, but it is doubtful if

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Dickson, Fenner, Dowler, Simons," Reviewer in Brit, and For. Med.-Chir. Review,

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The electric current in passing through living tis-

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was tamponed with cotton wet with witch-hazel water

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worth considering whether in Dublin some of the general

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after injections of extracts of brain (Fig. 5) the rise following the pri-

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esty will want or receive a fee for any service that he has not ren-

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In most of my cases the tendons of the forearm have been injured

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bloodvessels, and he adduces yarions reasons which appear to him to justify

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lazy, would be induced to read many consecutive pages.

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were no indications of syphilis or of any other infection.

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the immediate development of the disease; it may diminish the

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performed no eflfort had been made to ligate these deep vessels.

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and repeatedly with very great minuteness and accuracy. The observations of

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and Denmark, correspond with the description given by Ram-

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his credentials. For that reason, all statements must be supported by proper

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phine and saw, and the fungous structure chipped away with the chisel

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232.— McCardie (W. J.) Pulmonary aft'eetions alter

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renal disorder, and was in favour of the supposition that bothj

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considerable difficulty may be experienced as the result of adhesions to

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but there was apparently congestion in each case. The consistence of

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tached a kind of pocket, made of iirm cloth, which is to re-

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spinal cord shows the myelin sheath of the nerve-fibres diminished or

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CASE < CX XVIII.* — Laurence Cochrane, labourer, ret. 43 — admitted December 1st,

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by the virus of a non-infecting chancre, or by the dis-

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* Phrenological Journal, No. xlii. p. 177. t Id. id.

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In tlie second place, I employ, in some cases, a few medicines

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1898-9, xiv, 356-412, 1 pi.— Mery. Observations sur le

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advanced, and impulsive acts and silly laughter occasion-

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anic acid, potassium cyanide, or chloroform, alternated

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