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nitroso dell' etildimetilcarbinol. Boll. d. Soc. med.-chir.

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between the lower row and the bones below. The greatest

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There is a practical point connected with the fever of the croup-

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When a stomach with normal muscular tone is examined

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extension of the diseased process, depend on special

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a systematic course of embryology into the medical curricu-

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Tyler Smith Obst., A7n. ed., p. 428. " We shall know

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profession, and must certainly be new to most read-

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The patient may recover consciousness, partially or completely ; or

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cases of intestinal obstruction, and to them I sliaU append

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ence, that it is a fatal error to attempt to restore a patient in opium narcosis

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Investigation proved that there was a mass of granulation tissue on the

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Among the branches of science which have been most gene-

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amount of haemoglobin, and aiding nutrition. Externally it

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active dysenteric symptoms. If the abscess antedate

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some respects similar to those previously mentioned, which need

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usual concomitants of symptomatic fever, viz., thirst, anorexia, pain in

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Richmond, 1896, x, 322-332. Aho : Med. & Surg. Reporter

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an emulsive substance,. which tends to fatten patients; and he has also proved

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attention toward an examination of the two cholera epidemics of the

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conclusions for the present. Large numbers of the organisms

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and agglutination of the specific bacilli. Ordinary bouillon cul-

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twenty-two strip. In the rose test, letter n of number four strip. In the

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catching and erroi-s in diet. To this we might per-

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dilatation admit effectual relief only by free division

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geon's certificate of disability, with permission «oJ^

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Dr. Tweedy on the unfortunate result of so difficult a case. It

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on April 5, 1895, 1 am no longer able, because of physical dis-

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can infuse the patient if this has been left in the vein, while to await

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between an undesirable social feature and a high birth-rate, and a

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one tablet of VERMOX is administered, orally, morning and evening, on three consecutive days.

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