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antibodies slowly increase Just as the tuberculous process does, but the

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illuminated, and other cities are reported to be consider-

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we should be able to hold the fragments more firmly

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react neither to light nor to accommodation. The date of the appearance

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Suppuration beneath the periosteum is not uncommon, and

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that the vertigo is caused by pressure on the cerebo-spinal fluid,

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chest, and muscles of the scapuliB, the chronic affection is apt to be long

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which do not necessarily consist in the substitution

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sigmoid variety ; several of the operated cases referred to by

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USA, an AMA program to recruit fully licensed physicians for

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by another speaker, in which the x-ray picture showed

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of his train up the grade at a time. He will carefully avoid

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cises an influence over the complex processes of disease. The

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arach toward the relief of pain. Of these, the most efficient are liniments

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men be distended with air, a few drops of sal vola-

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times followed the intra-venous injection of milk, the opera-

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tion. As in diseases of the heart, stagnation of the blood in the liver

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du meuibre. Arch, ui^id. beiges. Brux , 1884, 3. s., xxv,

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refrain from saying that a dose of one twenty-fourth of a

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would not be remunerative to its proprietor, and even such a one would be

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frequent intervals (120 drops per dien)).- -La/icef.

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Neuralgia from the effects of Mercury. — Various pain-

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by 4 sec. Kinne was negative in two ears, and in the

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the oculist's office, the two facts are (at least often)

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water to the head and cold washings to the whole body, made of equal

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lisation depends. The crystallisation appears with different

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continued remittent types are most commonly observed.

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Then a Heryng's laryngeal curette was passed into the larynx

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powder, 1 oz., rose-water a pint; put them into a wide-mouthed

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The subject of false conceptions formed the subject of

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from which he bases these views are largely anatomic

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muscular power. Two years ago he was violently shaken

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graded public school. The Board of Supervision has made