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elin, Ladame, and others, yet I must remark that cases occur in which
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too long, or are loaded with tabular matter or prolix histories of
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replacing one with a cup of coffee. Except that she is
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uniting the peritoneum. Special sutures were introduced to rein-
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Of the thirty-seven cases, twenty-four have been recorded as failures
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of the foot, it gradually and often speedily ceases.
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of differential diagnosis. The important points the Doctor has brought
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layer was perhaps thinner, but neither redder nor paler than usual ; there
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In conclusion, while it must be a great relief to physicians to have formed
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Her after-progress was uneventful, and she was discharged from
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deeper character. The effect on the pulse varied with
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tbWv years' service, £1 17s, 6d, ; after t^enty-nve Sfr^ J^J^.
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As he passed through the homo-simian period his diet became
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gravel without any pain. About twenty years ago I attended a patient
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The chief characteristic of the cardiac behavior is a
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most part, however, it resists all treatment, and ceases only with
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toxi-infectious process, concerning the nature of which
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poisoning have been traced to this source ; and how many,
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chemical explanations not only of the processes through which
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sent home somewhat improved, whence she returned seven weeks
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and the arachnoid lay very close together, and no fluid inter-
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organisms of acute poliomyelitis and " X disease." Indeed for all we
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was then anplied by means of wadding: after the separation of the eschar, the
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tro-intestinal disorders. On palpation, a large, soft, elastic growth can
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rheumatism, acute and chronic, croup, angina pectoris, gout, dropsy,
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especially from 20 to 40 or 50 years of age, but cases at other ages have
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succeeded in isolating cadaverin from such urines. Others have been
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received the attention its forensic importance merits
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ized. Strong acids coagulate albumin, probably by combin-
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and I would warn the student unfamiliar with more recent dermatolog-
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the Cerro Gordo County Medical Society in Mason City,
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anginal seizure is a matter of some interest. Four of the ten
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Actions OF Chloroform. — J. V. Laborde {Butt, de T ' Academie de Mede-
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stancy of our climate, and this view leads our author into a
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and is scheduled to meet again in April 1995 to coordinate