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military matters. He was for many years surgeon of the Field
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fuller's earth, and its real therapeutic value must place it at the head of the long list
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This ingenious theory, supported as it is by an abundance of
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with Marked Disease of the Gums." which was discussed by Drs.
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The only problem was that the costs were paid by business and taxpayers, neither of
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compresses, my assistant, Dr. Delatour, at the same time
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The fungus is easily grown by using sugar media, of which the
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of CuUen ; the urine deficient of high colour, and remaining long
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nitrogenous element especially is frequently deficient. The food
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rare, that I shall do little more than enumerate them.
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dangec is increased the more laterally the canal runs towards the
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w r ork detailed in this chapter can now be summarized as follows:
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Treatment. — ^The gravity of pertussis b scarcely appreciated cither
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will make you hotter. People always say, in summer you
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part of his emaciated frame. The bones of his arms and legs
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especially where it approached the perineal orifice.
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with the streptococcus, which was probably the chief cause of the bulla, there
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Renvers. — Deutsche med. Wclinschr., Leipzig, January 29, 1881.
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the foot of the bed, and to them is attached a weight, which
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through the skin obliquely make an oval aperture of exit,
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to give it appear to me to diminish our resources without adding
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may be termed the ramus ulnaris (rsu) and the r. medialis (rsm). The former
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tenn obstmction as distinguished Arom constipation) dependent on causes
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write and feed himself with his right foot. Gait : The patient can walk
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Mr. Samuel D. Milesky, Supervisor of Schools for the Deaf,
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immediately before the attack of which she died was good.
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and are often associated with a marked diminution of the sensibility of the
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ital hernia but an infantile hernia. In cutting down upon it it was
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devoted to the therapeutic management of these dis-
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in service lost 9.19 days. Comparisons with other years have been
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such conservative work as is required to preserve the function
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Pneomothorax. i ases of pneumothorax, Vickery, H. F., 64, 70.