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ing of the walls of the viscus, with increase of its capacity

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disease, and sometimes die from the consequences of the infection. Trans-

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Scarlet Fever. — Many cases of chronic nephritis result from acute

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I have occasionally verified my tests with known dilu-

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human organism is endangered by a certain number of^ the putrefaction

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numbers, though perhaps the former predominated. The

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seen most fretiuently among the poorer classes, and it is said that

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and potassium 6 ; lactate, soda and extractive matter 5 ; soda

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The former may produce a considerable sensory disturbance,

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Editor, Charles G. Stockton, M.D., Professor of Medicine, University of Buffalo.

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nancy had lasted for more than three months, and when it

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had subsided elsewhere, and for the continued absence of the

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the repose of the ventricles, near the termination of which

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Meuschen. Arch. f. Hyg., Miiuchen u.Leipz., 1885, lii,442-

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pairment of tlie power of disposing of ingested carl)oliydrate

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by tlie above outlines was not universally affected. Tac-

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Childhood dreams, teenage aspirations, adolescent challenges and adulthood goals, once

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local affections attributable to the syphilitic poison. Its continuance, in

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A little burned brandy, added, helps this. This is very valuable.

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the hollow above the zygomatic arch, and bound down by

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ulceration of the ileum and the colon, and no affection of the stomach.

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quick, hard, and throbbing pulse ; hurried respiration ;

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cal attendants, recovered b}^ copious and frequently