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He states that "the introduction of milk into the stomach at
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sues of the body, then we have waste and decay, because
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" 3d. — To inquire into the subject of quarantine, its uses and applicabili-
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the organ must be reached more directly ; there is no time for waiting on
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food becomes palatable by exercise, and thereby gives the
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arising from acute and chronic diseases affecting the viscera of the chest,
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under the influence of the Hasch isch. " It is, however, a state of great intel-
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A lecture introductory to the course of surgical instruction in the Ken-
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white rats (.Mus Rattus), aged one month. By an operation of the kind
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Foster, the] English Physiologist ; Dr. W. H. Gaskell, one of
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bladder, where from its blandness it should not cause irrita-
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We hope to satisfy those who may follow us to the end of our
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which the election of new members was proceeded with.
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noticed, by looking over the cases, that in many of them, before
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student cannot be completed at the University. An immense major-
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neck of the sac with the finger, it receded: and to prevent it from
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from the meeting of organs endowed both with organic and
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same doctrine was first publicly announced and illustrated
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A question is raised by Dr. Boling, relative to the proper size
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they now do. Fergusson, in the last edition of his practical sur-
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It owes these peculiar properties to the two matters which en-
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Other functions, which indicate the state of the general health." And
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like manner. But for the escape of the menstrual discharge from
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teration; and at the present moment, the colleges should simply be made to
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constant desire to go to the stool. This is considered almost
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As the lapse of years has scattered the various class -