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I will place them in different groups, speaking of superficial
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When malarial infection has lasted for a long time in the human
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microbes disappear, and all the physical signs gradually
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Columbia," known as the "Antivivisection Bill," has been de-
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The former may produce a considerable sensory disturbance,
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The patient's general health now began rapidly to fail, and after having
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incisions of the cornea perpendicular to the most convex meridian, and
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of solutions of NaCl, CaCla, NaaC^HjO^, and K^Fe(CN)e respectively and
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into his mouth, an attendant holds his nose closed, and the individual
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number of decorations were bestowed on members of the staff
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that, hence, she may determine the outcome of the congress even if her
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Tcniiicraturc chart of case of cavernous ainus thromboRis.
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Remarks, — In the foregoing case there can be little reason to doubt
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counties outside cities and 32,853 in cities, under county superintendents; ^9.467
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structures also become pathologically altered in much the same way
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for the removal of a cancer from the front of the face, so as to excise
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gargles, in combination with Glycerine, Spirits, Car-
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gastric ulcer and the signs resembling pneumothorax
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working men. A legacy of £2,000 to the hospital had been
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being imbecile and not being merely dull and backward, are by
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' the University of the State of Pennsylvania.' Of the exist-
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nurse suffering from mucous patches on the nipple infects the nursling.
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eyes have frequently to look from the page to a dis-
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causes ; some of which may yield to remedies, though
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Pathology.— The absence of any evidence of "structural change in
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transfusion with simultaneous venesection would be the rational treatment of the
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use of the waters as from change of scene and the incidents of travel.
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the heart's blood at necropsy. The pathologic picture in six of these
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On the left side it appeared as an impression of similar breadth, two