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At the Congress, Lister, Nocard, Bang, and Sims Woodhead on the
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the toxin may, however, be proved by injection into animals of the
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latter may be excluded as an important factor save only as a terminal
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pulse is a more uncertain criterion of the amount of pulmonary obstruc*
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latter may be excluded as an important factor save only as a terminal
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conducted into the histology of certain lesions of nerves and skin, which
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in the supratonsillar fossa (vide supra), the outlet of which has been unduly
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Nitric Acid. — Free nitric acid develops a bright red when brought into
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Cerebral Cortex. — Atrophy of the tangential and supra-radial fibres of the
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epithelial cells may sometimes be seen. The colloid substance is secreted
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nervous affections of young children, are to be regarded as manifestations
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part due to diminished ingestion of food, or to imperfect absorption of food, but is
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heists afterwards made their various experiments. Bergmann eita-
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BuMiD^-LETTiNo IS 80 important, so powerful a remedy, so replete with
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tions with reference to effects should have charge of cases, for there is a positive
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Bollinger also states that " tuberculosis of the peritoneal lymphatic
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portunity of seeing actual cases of disease in their daily prr^ress, and of
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affected are glands and serous membranes, particularly the pleura and peri-
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the aid of sulphuric acid used in brewing the beer. In certain trades
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is of great practical value, but the diagnosis of a disease can rarely be made
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even earlier than the tenth day, but before this date the characteristic
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catalogue of medical books, which he has on sale at his extensive book-
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Through what nerves (distributed upon these parts) is this function ac-
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on the cost of importation. A splendid lot of Swedish leeches have
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communicates a most offensive odour to the breath. After a time the
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bright, clear, dry, bracing, yet not cold, but, with the exception of Kamloops,
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symptoms do not commence for one or even two hours after the poison was
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with one hand, while holding the opposing one steady with the other.
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winter, and owing to the dryness the cold is little felt unless there be a
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that the goitre has preceded the onset of the other symptoms by a long
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growing less luxuriantly than the human. They cannot as a rule be induced to
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Colica Poitou ; Fr., Intoxication Saturnine ; Germ., Bleivergiftung.
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must be met by the ordinary remedies, while the distress caused by pleural
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can only take place upon a surface deprived of its surface epithelium in
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stinking, and is highly infectious. Condylomata are associated with a great
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since Klebs and Gerlach first proposed, in 1868, that the milk of tuber-
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do not as a rule show much sign of fading before the eleventh day. About
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On Midwifery, and the Diseases of Women and Children, and on Chemistry, by Da. CvAirif »«.
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gangrenous part, viz., that of a non-conductor ; but with this difference,
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Examining the condition of the intestine in relation to that of the
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age of 20 — 30, compared with that of the population of London of the
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than the speed of the revolving seasons — the discoveries at Paris or
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