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the compressed air enters the apparatus, an escape valve (Fig.

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kindly furnished by Dr. Dent, Assistant Superintendent.]

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and to examine and protect the purity of drinking-water.

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ing's grand. But in the beginning of this century Hahnemann's

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Hygienic treatment consists in the use of all means of increasing

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beloved by the citizens of Canada as the late William McKinley

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semblance to tyi)hoid fever, and yet has not probably

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that the hypothesis of deformations of the reflexes by damming, which he has ad-

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In case there is a tear of the peritoneum, the blood will flow

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• importance of teaching physicians the art of cooking,

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and Surgical Journal the following interesting and encouraging statement appeared :

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in a warm flannel blanket. It was the intention to remove

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was done to avoid tlie possibility of error due to putrefactive changes, for

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that of the clinician, represented by Bright, Addi-

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of the disease, and wliether for a long or short distance. He

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"ears itch," so that ]t is witti difficulty they restrain

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irregular strangles, but they may also supervene on pneumonia,

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As to the second part of the question, the recommendations of

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have one, that such action has been taken. If thereafter the milk


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1868.] Notes on the Cholera Bpidmic of 1865-66. 196

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symptoms may be severe, but marked local changes are rare. Tonsil-

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upper surface. The inferior meatus, however, always remained free.

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BLESSED THISTLE — Centaurea Benedicta, called also

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begin with small dose and discontinue if much heat and dry-

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There was slight diminution of the blood alkalinity (b)* Van

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value. jS"ow, we must enter a quiet protest against this division of

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porary cessation of menstruation, and that when such a tem-

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systems just mentioned, (par. 2463,) for they will soon mutually

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is more rapidly effective, and because the associated press-

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nected with the occurrence of epididymitis or prostatic

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monar; 'curaci6n. Gac. med., M6xico 1898, xxxv, 177-

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merit and not through political favor ; (3) the main-

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Russell J. Colman, Esq., Norwich William C. H. Hunt, K*t\.

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commenced, the costal pleura on both sides beiug dry, rough, and intensely

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and the Burrounding district. He died of senUe gangrene

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is open to the obvious danger. We doubt not the moral energy and the

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was at once apparent. The pregnancy occupied the left half

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for exactly one farthing ; and to show the extent to which the native popu-