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sive quantities of magnesia are frequently condemned;
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Glycerin-agar tubes. Surface growth gray, white ap-
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copies of Medical Informatics copies of Personal Health Maintenance
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the brain and other organs are to be expected. The disease
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way the points of the scissors are seen during the whole opera-
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Grasset, Etude clinique sur les affections chroniques des voies respiratoires d'origine
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centre, though at a later period the guidance of the kinsesthetic centres
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rf,M"tf "'"' "'0 P^rcuesion-wave may be lost, or merged in the
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artery of the retina enters the optic nerve about 10 mm.
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fatal, and even rapidly fatal disease, and confine my-
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TABLE 5.— Occurrence of Hypotonic-Hyporesponsive Episodes (HHE) in 9 Children Within 48 Hours of
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Sachs has contributed a paper in which he carefully studies this
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tion of both lumbar regions of the anaesthetized patient revealed
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staff on January 31, 1975 to become a pastor in a parish situation.
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ment are included. This work is without doubt, the most complete and
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Dr. L. P. Jermain, of Milwaukee, then read a paper on "Chronic
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Dr. Seneca Egbert, Dean, Medico-Chirurgical College, Phila.
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immersion, exposure, privation, and anxiety were combined. In many
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the adhesion, which further guarantees the continuance of life
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bling closely the alcoholic storm, and having exactly the
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symptoms, especially the night sweats, with but little efTfct.
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of the teeth, and by the second day the central part of the dorsum
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puts his hand to his throat and heart, while the pulse is felt to be
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going perineal and uterine operations, and he intends
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Nature Series. The Common Frog. By St. George Mivart, F.K.S.
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and W. F. Manges, Philadelphia; Secretary, F. H. Baetjer,
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to maintain itself in nitrogenous equilibrium on the most diverse
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acetone in the urine has been looked on as an indication of acidosis.