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rule. The authors ascribe the sclerosis to a primary degeneration due to
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added pain of inflammation. Rare accidents are fatal syncope and the
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one to accept them as thoroughly reliable. The morbid processes which result in this
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that a fistula is most likely to result in those cases in
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changes have their beginning at the time when the essential
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called the white of the eye. The next coat, inside of this, is called the
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the sanatorium or the treatment just now advocated.
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up the calculus with Oldham's instrument, and extracted de-
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drorrhoea. The secretion or excretion, whichever it may
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removed by boiling the liquid ; or, better, the bis-
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tractable, was kept in bed during the healing of the
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to be gotten rid of as soon as possible, while the other
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morocco, $6.00 net. Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders &
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that the veins within the thorax are likewise abnormally congested,
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of bleeding animals which are intended to be fattened for
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The animal economy is divinely placed two kingdoms above
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presence of so many better and more certain means. It has been
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minuria. A pretubercular form of albuminuria has been described. They
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which differ greatly are those of Rabateau of France, and
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were idiopathic. In other districts of the country, tetanus, of
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requirements, before inquiring whether these require-
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27th, 1897. His treatment while in hospital was a mercurial ca-
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himself with more "confidence in candidly expressing his views,"
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ring in his own practice. Of these eleven cases, two
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one being attached to a single hair, to the side of which it is firmly bound
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attacks, these became slighter after the first two doses of Ipe-
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16, 1886, and other communications on it in the same volume.
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Castro (J. M.) Tarias reflexiones Nobre los ageutes que
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of the fourth class of cases, or those unrecognized, the ques-
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plished with some elastic material. Insect powders or solu-
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years, no symptoms are present except fulgurating pains, and I