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similar to that already described as occurring in arterial thrombosis.
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affection may run in a family. The possibility of simulation is made
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semination of tertian malaria. An infected individual
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ically by irrigation with this sterilized water. Of course we also relj
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de l'exalgine. Ibid., 1890, xxix, 144-150.— De Renzi (E.)
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kept the shoulder-joint without motion, nearly the whole of this long
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the talented inventor himself open the oesophagus, instead of
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Other Gases in the Air. — Ammoniacal Vapors. — Ammoniacal va-
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tal. When I saw her s^he was evidently in a bad way.
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have begun during pregnancy, and have merely been tided over. The
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Cantlie, James (1897). Lancet, January 2 and January 3.
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, the mouth, and there is febrile movement. Dread of water is no test of
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differential diagnosis by means of this first point from an inguinal
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or one lobe with the isthmus, had been removed, were
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changes, sometimes dead fingers syncope most often, and slight grades of
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Reference to Table I shows the course of the intoxication in an
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affected in the cases that came under my observation.
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President-elect; Mrs. Trent Pierce (Melissa), Recording Secre-
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In ten cases which have come under my observation five showed this
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moist and often in a state of profuse perspiration. There is an entire absence
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they regain sufficient strength to return to their commands. The
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hospital wards long after the onset, wdien the body is damaged
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pensable to me.**— J^. Flaglet, Finlay City, Mich,
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modified lithotomy position, but some the result of the
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I buy catgut in coils as here shown. I also buy |-inch
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ment that should theoretically have reached the bladder has been calculated
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finitely worse is the surgical. You are expected, yea, are
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Between 1900 and 1899 increased rates arc shown under total
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tube ; (6,) Sulphate of magnesia is injected through a hollow needle
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Rec, period, d'obst de m6d.. do chir. et phiiiiii,. Par.,
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