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point, coupled with forcible bi-manual manipulations of the
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des Sciences M^dicales de Lyons a patient who had suffered from epileptic
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1885 and 1886 to those of 1887 and 1888. In January and February
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operative care would be applied to all cases, the mortality of these
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only four deaths out of twenty-eight cases in the year 1888, or one in
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it seemed wise to obtain better drainage and a resection of the eighth
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knee vigorously shampooed and kneaded; but care has been taken not to
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he sent her to me for another test and, as the institution result had
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always a most distressing infirmity. Its full evolution, or even
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cient daring to show the simple-minded in diseases of this class, how the
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societies, once before he had reported a line upon the case, for not having
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of sixty- seven years, upon whom he had operated for femoral
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work in-doors, afforded no explanation of his sickness, which had
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and put it up in a plaster case to hold it. It looked pretty good. I saw
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ignorance, the vascular disturbances which give rise to necrosis
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in the process, for it is beyond dispute that they always do.
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the standpoint of individual advantage and of public health. At
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together with a Martin band, to prevent bending of the plate. The peri-
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assume, therefore, that the symptoms referred to are the result of some
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alimentary tract has been very generally discussed and a
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peated examinations of sputa by Dr. Senseny, and numerous micro-
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five years, the temporary nature of the relief afforded by hysterectomy is
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myelitis in adolescence, says it most frequently attacks the epiphyses of
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any existing anatomical lesion. I realize further that any lesion
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firmly convinced that their interests must be served in a better
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Physical examination, normal, except for large hemorrhoids and small
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"Again, we have some evidence pointing in the same direc-
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duces influenza, and admits the possibility that it simply finds an unusually
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Certain things reduce the normal resisting power of the body and
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culature. There is no difficulty in determining such action to be incon-
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cavity ; where distension prevented the return of the intestines
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