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rived from cell-rests is not a contradiction to what
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c. The starvation diet of the older physicians is not necessary,
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•utline of Psychobiology. By Knight Dunlap. 121 pp. 77 cuts. Royal 8vo. 81.25.
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in an effort to overcome the troublesome condition. This was
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meeting a successor to the lamented West will have to be elected.
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A. B., Leland Stanford, Jr. University, 1896 ; M. S., and Ph. D., University
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glial cells, mostly small elements, are seen throughout all the cor-
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mal action of stomach musculature, and the remission of symp-
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brane was confined entirely to the posterior surface
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Dr. Worsham, President, and Superintendent of the State Insane
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all authorities, without exception, seem to be in accord. All agree
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of the medical profession throughout the world, with regular
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first to resent the insult of being called unprofessional gentlemen,
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the determination of calcium and magnesium in blood serum. —
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Fluid substitutes for transfusion after hemorrhage. First
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James H. Richardson Fellow in Anatomy, University of Toronto, 1912-1913 ;
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I would like to ask, what could create more fear, anxiety, worry,
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most uncompromising and radical one ever since the feasibility of
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pages, printed on finest bible paper and is bound in flexible morocco.
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tion, having only a few traces of lesions at one of the summits of
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of the system here advocated. Several chapters are devoted to a brief but
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The main features of the case now are, apart from the neurotic
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adipose tissue, bone and bile receive special attention, and
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Dr. Kichardson's paper was on "The Etiology, Patholog)^ and
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he Physical Papers of Henry A. Rowland. 716 pp. 8vo. $7.50.
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teresting one along lines comparatively new to the general practitioner, and
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following terms, which have been agreed to by the University:
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vote practically his whole time to this subject, and he must have an
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Some of these fellows were here at the big meeting, some dele-
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{Gallstones). Attacks come on suddenly, most frequently at
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Intestinal intoxication in infants. — American Journal of Dis-
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State Medical Association of Texas, Thirty-sixth Annual
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tem, the single, unrelated, unconnected symptom system. And what