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(as a rule) tear about 5 cm. (2 inches) in length, and situated in the

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radical operation of salpingectomy which is to be performed at

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gentle and systemic massage when the patient is at absolute rest and is

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cussion ; 2, fluid exudation obliterating intercostal spaces ; 3, depressed liver ; 4, displaced heart.

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ical Association; Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics; Kelly and Noble; Kelly. and Cullen;

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to lessen the duration and severity of tonsillitis, and even to cure some

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be inquired into, and late hours, the eating of improper and unwholesome

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granular appearance and is made up chiefly of small yellow masses — the

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Htiology. — The causes of cardiac thrombosis are to be found chiefly

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If the arrhythmia be due to excessive cardiac dilatation, digitalis

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abdominal cavity has been almost, if not quite, ignored. At the

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tion is the most frequent cause of lead-intoxication. Workers in white

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As operations upon the aged are not always satisfactory and

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are not necessarily dependent upon dilatation. Kiehl's work shows the

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It is only in recent years that this fatal affection has been clearly iso-

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attack of scarlet fever, or perhaps of poisoning, syphilis, excessive eating

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altogether probable existence of ulcer if there be a history of the more