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the degree of resistance imposed. The muscles being brought into
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sion of spirits, with tints of jaundice in the conjunctiva from absorp-
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In the rarer cases in which the lesion has been acquired, it has
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medicines. The vague pains, the migraine, and some of the more
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Kahn, Morris H. : The lime deficiency of diabetes 212
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similar results. The proportion of amino-acid nitrogen increase with-
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3. The factors involved in the quantitative recovery of protein from
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The physical signs upon which the diagnosis really rests are ex-
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cases these were found to agree with the originals.
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blood pressure at this time was 150. In three weeks' time the patient felt
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sion is wild and anxious ; sometimes the face wears the look of des-
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On June 8, 375 c.c. citrated blood was given intravenously.
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Fig. 10. — Chronic nephritis, Case 5, test on November 2. The series of
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the right subclavian. This is due to the dilatation of the aorta, caus-
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are very scarce and a differentiation between them and the other large mono-
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in diuretic dose, three grains three times a day, generally suffice to
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iest and strongest, as evidenced by watering of the eyes and running at
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dura here is much thickened and very adherent to the calvarium. Beneath the
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cerebral hemisphere, and showing configuration and the location of the sections
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which may closely simulate endocardial murmurs. Pericarditis
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number of reasons why Leichtenstern's work is inadequate. In the
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also a minority of recurrent attacks under 20 years of age, namely 21.1
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ogen, he took the difference between the reading of the plasma obtained
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trophic lateral sclerosis, pernicious anemia, general arteriosclerosis,
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being markedly accentuated. Edema of the lungs was present. There was
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a woman aged fifty-five, and which had produced extreme contrac-
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Summary of Case.— A patient in the third day of an attack of lobar