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presses, previous to removal, should be moistened by cov-

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"It is a dynamic antizymotic, and, like echinacea, its effects

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the 1-100 of a grain of the 3x trituration, or a teaspoonful of a

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mole — he views yet more the forest than the trees ; whilst

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phos. will afford marked relief. It also exerts a considerable

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diathesis; muscular pain without tenderness of the part involved;

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the bright red spot over the cheek-bones, and the quivering of

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sinking ; then two a day for twenty-one days ; then one daily

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congestion and surface circulation is markedly sluggish, dusky

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sometimes follows scarlet fever and measles, sambucus consti-

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of mobility in this same member, whilst everywhere else

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scale ; 2dj perversion of sensibility, consisting of subjective

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it rarely attacked persons under the age of puberty. In

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physical peculiarities and vital properties wherever they

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prove digestion and blood making as to prevent its renewal, the

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tube into the peritoneal cavity, not more than an ounce or

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a metliod which robs the operation of much of its danger. It

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apparatus in a comparative study of the blood flowing to and

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Cannabis indica is sedative, hypnotic, anodyne and antispas-

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A thorough knowledge of physiology is also of the utmost

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40, 3 cases; from 41 to 60, 2 cases; above 51, 3 cases.

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who asks the blunt question, — Am I going to die?

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has unquestionably placed at the disposal of the ovariotomist

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panion to, or very much like, mitchella repens and viburnum

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— refused to pass the French Letlie, that almighty

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escharotic. In large doses it is a corrosive poison, destroying

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most competent will be the loudest to affirm. JOHN W. FRANCIS, M.D., LL D.

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who asks the blunt question, — Am I going to die?

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cide ; that, during the year just past, the Society reports

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and turned upwards just in the opposite direction to that employed

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In this the capillaries are filled with blood, but the movement of

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amounts, which must be removed in order to detect small traces

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organs of generation. Tiger lily has also been used in some

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of the eio;ht Foreio;n Associate Members of the French Acad-

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ness. When the bridge of the nose is markedly sunken inherited

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Bearing-down pains in the hypogastrium, from which many

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we could only vaguely recognize them, in examining func-

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a few hours, possibly you will be able to remove the

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of the sanguineous system was moreover in relation with

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furious delirium and fighting propensities. Loss of speech often

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prostration. So clear is the evidence, and so rare the exceptions,

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The usual incision was made down to the peritoneal cavity.