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nally. Of course the nitrate of silver ointment, like all other remedies,
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on the kidney, and its elimination in the urine causes albu-
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to be suitable neither ir\ theory, nor according to the experiments already tried.
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ciations (ordinarily known as the Chinese Six Companies)
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physicians of Springfield, resulted in the calling of Dr. A.
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George's Hospital, London, and was managed by Mr. Keate, one of the sur-
noroxine 400 infection urinaire posologie
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Hence the significance of present conditions, and it is
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the total quantity of urine for the twenty-four hours, another
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was a high degree of pulmonary emphysema and chronic
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of the treatment, to allow them to eat a small portion of bread daily ;
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prevent the pollution of rivers affected by tide waters.
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temper, with a disposition to flushing of the head, face, and neck, with more
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ministration of the hospital, as a condition precedent to any
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does it consider that it would make any difference that he was
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function of one or the other of these organs. One of the
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account of the last illness of the late Earl of Liverpool. But I shall pro-
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the fact C6^^ miraculum inauditum ; and Planque was equally puzzled, as
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surgeon is liable to error, especially if the joints of the
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I was called to sec the case because it was supposed to be a
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in the first few days of the disease, disclose this limita-
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of insanity, when successfully made, appeals to the tenderest
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gentlemen, together with the county commissioners, constitute
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albumen can readily, under certain circumstances, become converted into
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bouillon culture. Dr. Oaylord found a resemblance between
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hydatid cyst ; female, 26. Complete anesthesia of lower limbs.
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(March 1838) under a course of education in the Orphan Working School,
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In one observed two years ogo, the fungus growth in the
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symptoms. Of the 19 cases fed exclusively by the rec-
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duct. Several arteries bled freely, and three were tied; but a large quantity
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effect of antitoxin. While it prevents further extension