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complaints that seem to be transmitted from parent to child.

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has made many of them so obtuse in their hearing and intellects, that it can convey


Analysis of the cortical functions of sensibility shows that

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Mesoneuritis (mes"o-nu-ri'tis). 1. Inflammation of the substance of

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Baltimore and Cincinnati have also established Houses of Refuge.

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times the case, I give him tho necessarj ami proper directions; and by this treat-

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sidered in deciding as to the presence of disease are, whether

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6. At the end of 1852, when yellow fever was prevailing in the West Indies,

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with menstrual efforts, and ending in hysterical convulsions ; and another,

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type, and all references indexed at die end of each chapter. Being the

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only be elicited by directly comparing the right and left sides.

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Prostitution has also the effect of depriving many virtuous women of husbands

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Toxicology, Foreneio Medicine, and Hygihie. By BBiTJAioir W. RiOHABD-

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blood-vessels being sometimes so large and prominent that the

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pia mater and cord itself were natural.^ Numbers of small recent

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The attack begins with a supra-orbital or temporal headache,

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in itself, but to the effect of changes in the contents of the tubes,

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lungs, a thick, coarse skin, loaded and contaminated blood and bile, falling of the

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of men and women demands tin's at the hands of the living generation. Let them

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of the ciliary nerves. In both irido-cyclitis had existed. In none of

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suggested were a vascular lesion, neoplasm, or multiple sclerosis.

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the bronchi comes on insidiously, and in tne majority of cases the

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cause is prolongation of celibacy ; for had the person wedded at a proper age, and found

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woman is uniparous, he argues that twin-bearing is not a good

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months, restrictive measures have been ordered by the Gbvemment in respect of

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or undergoing decomposition ; at a higher temperature both are de-

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to be infested with disease ; for the wastes of the system being debarred escape,

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in the early stages of the infection. Before attempting specific

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tients the wishes of the diabetic himself in regard to the mode

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fact ; and further, that persons having a very large share of phosphorus in their

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'' 2. Is it possible that this lardaceous or waxy change, occurring

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tendency to putrefaction of our bodies, when they are excluded from pure air,)

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^ Tb^Confereuce state tbat no one in the lazaret had been attacked, and that

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in other New England States, in th was 56.64— which shows a decline

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it is of equal and even of greater importance. Many aud many a life which might

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changes found by physical examination and the analysis of the

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The question as to whether we are deaUng with cases of

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different from genuine sympathetic irido-cyclitis. He assumes,

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attached lobules. The eyes are brown, with a sHght Mongolian

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to be established. No inquiry is made as to the composition

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ed to serious evils. To be effective they must kill the seminal animalcules;

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tamarinds, pomegranates, prunes, raisins, figs, lemons, limes, oranges,