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Ferrer — O'Donohue. — In New York, on Tuesday, Oc-
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When presented there were several pigmented areas on her
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sillar crypts by bacteria of all kinds, we have been
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scarcely so to the clinician. The patient recovered
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an intramedullary proliferation of neuroglia with a re-
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are persistent, but after a variable time, either from
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as a reproach to our civilization, and so it doubtless
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that telescopes by a cone into the ocular end of the
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The officers stationed at this hospital keep in close touch
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making a free opening, the bone being ivorylike. Sequestra
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To remedy the trouble, the idea of isolation hospitals with-
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Zweite, vollstiindig umgearbeitete und erweiterte Auflage.
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til the second week, when the fever is declining and
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by secondaries, for which he was treated by i)uinctions and
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ritis, or appendicitis, the aggravated forms of vom-
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is less frequently seen in carcinoma, yet it has been
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for each eye. I now think that the restilt was verv
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ing sentiment throughout the east of the inefficiency
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owes its peculiar powers — for good and for evil —
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the subject is disseminated, and as people learn the
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21. Deutsche Klinik, T910. TT;emophiIia explained as a
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they have a "low vitality" ; as they do not possess
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from transmissible diseases were reported to the Depart-
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"Queen Mother of Poisons" {"Wolf's bane" ; "Leopard's
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other Police Force, by the Board of Trade, by the Army and the
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when the change of life arrived, and the elimination
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an septum of the spinal cord, removing a small cyst
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2. Neisser. Deutsche medizintsche Wochenschrijt, June
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palpation that they are rarely referred to the ront-
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of the railroad cases. I do not recall this case very well. She
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ments of the university, except two. There are new build-
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of the external malleolus of the right foot and meta-
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in certain cases, but to be especially careful in every
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apparently normal ; organs of special sense intact. Care-
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marks that trabcculation of the bladder in tabes is
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tian. Proctology: Lewis H. Adler, Jr. Gynecology: B. F.
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procedure is as follows : A small piece of the tis-
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rats in the city. Several years after the appearance
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lecture in the course on public health problems and the
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Terry, M. C, Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted thirty