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molecules to act in two ways (i)as a wliole molecule, the
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in, in which his efforts may or may not be successful. Sometimes these
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on Diceraber 12th, 1892, and described as " Glas,!Ow, Aberdeen, and Edin-
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The Commission of tlie Pari Mutuel has given 24,000 francs
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difficulty in recognizing its relations to ganglion of the posterior root,
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tion varies in scarlatina. The rule, however, is that it is shorter than
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these the first is the bichromate of potash, recommended by Professor
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of himself ; and the well-trained student is encouraged to be
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improvement. In all respects it resembles the loss of hair after pro-
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This volume is issued as the second part of a work by Pro-
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in \}v(\ and judicious feeding generally work a cure. Dangerous ano-
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leave deep ulcerations. The parts first affected are usually the ears,
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Mr. J. W. Betty, Sunderland; Mr. F. Bradleet, Newark; Dr. A. H.
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the ingestion of phloridzin produces no injurious consequences.
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employ, but chiefly because of my conviction that in surgery
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portions of the lens, the reason for which is discussed
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ations and relations. The splanchnic nerves come into relation with
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these regions are more or less fettered by extensive pleuritic adhesions.
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the most lucid exp.isitions of this obscure subject we have
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theless, the two affections do occur so often that it is proper to speak
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may be either primary or secondary to deposits elsewhere in the body
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the coveted distinction of the Gold Medal against a very for-
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name be added to the Council for this purpose." The motion
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biuninuric retinitis, with occasional bright scotoma, until she tould not
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and from above the town without them were collected in
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and to what extent arranged. Eitlier party may. if so advised by counsel,
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be observed to be very marked. In A the decrease is as from
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Malignant tumors, whether slow or rapid in their growth, appear
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where it was more prominent and harder to the touch. The-
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The undermentioned gentlemen are appointed Surgeon-Lieutenants to