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dition has been treated without operation have not been in-

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Clieyne-Stokea breathing is still unknown, and probably we

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suggest amendments in the conditions of service of the Army

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moved. He was able to leel and localise the touch with a pin's head (if

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ments the monthly pay respectively to S333.33,j?37-'', and. S4o8.33. Compulsory

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hesions ? It was always well to examine per rectum. As to

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anteriorly and at the apex and base posteriorly ; over the middle region

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admission he was compelled to give up work on account of loss of power

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existing arrangements with regard to back-to-back houses.

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6. Another fear had reference to adhesions ; I was especially

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visited by a great number of foreign and provincial eminent

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and chloral hydrate gr.xx. On visiting her again three hours

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Surgeon-Majors T. M. Corkek and C. A. Webb, who are serving in the

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Physician Jor Diseases of Worcen to the Roval Hospital, Belfast, and

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for a year would entail the expenditure of upwards of £170,000,

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directly over the appendix, with the knowledge that there

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left his case at this stage unfinished, it was but a fragment of

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the British Medical Association held at Nottingham, July, 1893.

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would bring with him "an old thistle." The next day he

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parish of St. Luke, Middlesex) "to produce one vesicle by

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the district are excluded, this number is reduced to 103, which for this

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(Western Division Royal Artilleryi, lias resigned his commission, which

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any separation of them impossible. The edges of the

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combination with iron is very diffi.-ult to say. I have several

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ing the case of James Findlay (registered as M.B., Mast. (

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a few weeks ago, which many of you had the opportunity of

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vices of one medical olficer in four were annually lost in

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inspector of the City of London, wlio, I believe, still takes his pupils

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■that the implanted nodule is absorbed. Neisser and Damsch

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slight, and that the ratio would become still less if husbands

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The work, published originally in the Swedish tongue, has

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I. M. S. protests against the incorrect and misleading comparisons which

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Ceena (D.). Notes on the Newer Remedies. Pp. 178. 1893.

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"just claim," though in 1880 or 1881 he refused to sanction