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used in flaxseed meal poultices upon foul, sloughing parts.

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Synonym. — Hydrargyri subchloriduin, B. P.; hydrargy-

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of morphia, ten grains ; otto of roses, one drop ; glycerine, half a

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as it does the striped muscle, and the vagus nerve similarly

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diameter of the limb, and to denude the bone before sawing it, for

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Then abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting (in those animals

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would be actually less than in Gentile communities. The fecundity

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Action External. — Camphor resembles the Yolatile oils

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extract, the taste of aloes, cascara sagrada, ammonium clilo-

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found to consist mainly of arseniate of copper, and upon the removal

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elin-d to the belief that the Comnionweidth couKl be relieved of a considerable pro-

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Properties. — A reddish-brown liquid, having a faint odor

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lowed in any degree of concentration, and will, therefore,

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because of their power of condensing tissues, and also

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ture of internal aneurisms is such that any remedy whicli holds out

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(one drachm to an ounce of water). Nitrate of silver to be applied

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names will be added to the list of subscribers. This is particularly

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was delivered by Professor Bowditch, and was a most eloquent testi-

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from a quarter of a mile distant ; had found, down in the city, the

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and this action is succeeded by profound depression and

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of arsenous acid ( 3 ss.) are sometimes given with calomel

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sent for Dr. Jennings, her regular physician, under whose care she re-

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a retention of the menstrual fluid ; an opening with a narrow bis-

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been taken from a modification by Thompson of James Arnott's

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the vasomotor centres and increases vascular tension. In

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rectangular octohedral crystals ; is soluble in alcohol, in

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otherwise, their strength is 5 per cent, and the boiling is

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alcohol, ether, benzol, and carbon disulphide. There ar&

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vidence of svnoope, no lessening of mnscular action. Ordered two

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The use of mercury, or any of its compounds, if con-

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larger than natural, somewhat congested, but otherwise healthy.

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The late Dr. Joseph Clarke, of Dublin, who was one of the most

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Ferri Sulphas Exsiccatus. Exsiccated or Dried Ferrous

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pyrin may be applied as a hremostatic upon bleeding surfaces.

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centimeters may be designated as such, instead of using the

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lion. The hospitals, I take pride in saying, are a credit to the nation.

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n • her of medical officers, who will, should a retreat be found necessary,

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Uses External. — Veratrine is of trivial value, since its

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free in the blood, of increasing the nutrition of the nerve-centres,

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