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Tho impression of the metliciiie on the cerebral centres is probably

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Wm. A. Hammond states, as the result of his treatment of 41 eases of

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mucous membrane of the throat or windpipe. There is one

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gents may be useful, and the circumstances in each, which modify the

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kw c«&3«r retnmaL the pshe, instead of betn^ exdtafcie and w«kh^ be>

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The protoxide of iron has so powerful an affinity for oxygen, that it

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times a day, and iu those more acute, every two or three hours. It may

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cised in conducting this operation. While the patient lies on his side,

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neither stimulating nor relaxing, but directly strengthening.

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countries. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of

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it is not through any astringent properties, of which it is quite destitute,

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bitters are apt, in over-doses, to prove laxative, and sometimes nauseate

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having drawn off the clear liquor, he precipitates the atropia either by

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native in some cases. The epicures of olden time enumerated among the

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some at considerable length; to wit, coca, nitrous oxide, anlimoniated

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and rounder than the preceding, white externally, internally also whitish,

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the mean doration of a round of the circulation in the several mammalia

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what matters it, if it be yours ? — if you look upon

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pours, cause them to descend there in showers. In moun-

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tion, with small and irregular pulse, difficult breathing, and coldness of

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was more consistent, the third still more so, and that the fourth

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for a dose. U is occusioually applied extern aUy in the form of cataplasm^

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cutaneous vessels, and a great many diseases depending upon

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limcttons, but to obviate debility by sustaining, through the process of

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rilla dates as far back as about the year 1690. It was for a time a very

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The principal advantage of tea and coffee is as a diluent,

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eynip contains t!ie phosphate of iron of the Pharmacopneia, dissolved by I

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proacbing, or aoy particular paroxysm. It is well known that successful