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There is a great difference of opinion as to the giving of a purge at the onset

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^ French and Hicks, Practitioner, August, 1906, found in 29 consecutive cases a

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symptoms appear at the onset. A pseudorelapse, or a reversio eruptionis,

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period of incubation as short as sLx days. It may be said that a person

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In certain families, where marriage has introduced a con-

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Agglutination. — Confirmation of the pathogenic power of the organism

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characteristic phenomena of a local and general nature occur, a relapse has

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w^omen who have never borne children not considered

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As it is fair to assume that some of these albuminurias were

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of antisera which appear to act through the agency of phagocytic cells. Such

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the registration states (233.1), lowest in the rural districts (135.9). It was

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obtained $25,000 of insurance. Inside of six weeks he was

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tube passes down the oesophagus. If the tube becomes clogged by membrane

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cough together. Acute emphysema is present in nearly every case, and

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marked, may be occasionally feebly heard along the edges of

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four or thirty-six hours the eye is so inflamed that it is impossible to separate

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weaker; the nose, ears, and extremities feel cool; the skin assumes a dark

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and the crowding of large numbers into filthy quarters.

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0.5 to 0.8 gm. (8 to 12 gr.) of calomel may be given once or twice, or 10 to 20

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risk in the confinement, which may have led to proposal for

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tected against infection with glanders by injections of mal-

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not constitute a distinct form of scarlet fever. Before the days of aseptic

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Drug Eruptions. — Many drugs cause the appearance of a punctate ery-

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the onset and the temperature usually becomes higher. There is generally

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used for delicate individuals and changed as soon as they become heated.

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rheumatism by movement, and thus the occurrence of pneumonia may be

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specific reaction. The reaction of agglutination was applied almost at once

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lost on the newly formed G rman Empire. In 1874 the first law was passed