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ammonia in any mixture. The escaping gas may be dried,

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medical examiner as a witness. Boston M. & S. J., 1897,

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ventilation, the avoidance of overcrowding, plenty of sunshine, and

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on the presence of slender Gram-negative bacilli in films was dis-

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instance, not merely by position, but by its close relation to

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We may get alonsr fairly well with an ankylosed knee,

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together with the absence of any physical signs, such

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(5) Broad hemispherical small nodules, pale at first, but later becoming

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-Four months after Injection, % objective— 2 Inch ocular,

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1. Helen H., died in 1904, aged 38, after operation for

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Greek poetry throughout the centuries. 6 Food is a tool for existence;

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fully TESTED before offering for sale, is a guarantee to the physician that he will cer-

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followed the route taken by travellers, invaded Cruccs and Gorgona,