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sequence, must be of less force than the former, merely

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A number of the joints of his lower extremities were affected,

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suffering of the people, would not take any money from

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peared. The patient has improved mentally to the extent

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the fubftance was a powerful ftimulant taken internally, and

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franchise. On Friday the official reception by the lord

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It is a matter for congratulation that, originally, the midwife's

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private lodging-place, and came to the ambulance every third or fourth day. As the sup-

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This patient is only 28 years of age, he never suffered from lancinating

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With care to leave about one-half inch of the quadrangular cartilage

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The quality of paper used is not up to the high level of the

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infectioiig diseases (small-pox, measles, diphtheria and croup,

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of treatment by all previous and jiresent methods for the con-

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pain which accompanies inflammation or sudden injury of the

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generally, while locally they are believed to cause contrac-

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ment. A positive result would have placed the subject beyond

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method, but it was more difficult this time, as it was more adherent. There

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by which the fibroid lung of syphilis was now known

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call him — who did so much to relieve the sufferings of Paris,

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of the status of medical charity. It is to be remembered

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wretched condition," he had " the trouble with his eyes," and

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Dr. Engelmans thought it was done too little in this coun-

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