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their clients cannot live upon air alone, those sent out may
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In some parts of eastern North Carolina there are exceptional oppor-
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The Manual Treatment of Diseases of the Pelvic Organs
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even the wild deer of the forests shared the influence of the epidemic
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ago to our State Medical Society) the day that the social units have
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may occur in any condition in which bacteria may get into the circulating
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tistics given elsewhere which give the amount of money ex-
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It is no easy matter to disentangle and assess correctly the various
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pediele. Rarely is the \italit\ of such lacerated -calp destr()\ed. and
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needs of commerce have led keen and hard-headed business men
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able to their growth ; and that acids kill them, or at least
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or with graduated probes. The tents are best, for their very
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rigo agria or ferox) of persisting during the whole lifetime. It
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should have pronounced it scarlatina. With the abate-
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Russia had much trouble in getting this root ; he, however, sent over
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secretion, lie pulin- fragments of the tonsillar tissue. Also on the right
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Reserve be called out, and surely no one who wishes
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mission, and, as Dr. Flint says, "there are circum-
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gested, the upper part of tiie right lobe showing a distinct
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discuss the same film in different locations. Physicans will
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rest and protected from impure atmospheric contamination
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troduced, and this might remain until the sixth month of gesta-
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made. This volume subtracted from the volume remaining after the
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summer 30,057 sick children and mothers were taken on
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I would give from five to ten grains with an equal amount
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Her face was flushed, paralysis became more complete,
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(Brocbiii). AUo: J. d. conn. med. prat., Par., 1853-4, xxi,
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Internal dislocation of the right elbow (Fig. 1 ) 130
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vision of a special nurse. Convalescence uneventful ; men-
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being filled by pupils from the training school. This, with the regu-