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Suppuration beneath the periosteum is not uncommon, and

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Abbe- reports two cases of intractable epithelial ulcers

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difficult, and attended by more or less suffering and disturb-

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from consulting him on the subject of spectacles — not on that

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contaminated with typhoid bacilli, a three hours' exposure suffices

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inferior portions. Post portion of upper lobe adher-

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secretaries for a term of three years, the next five for two years

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so noblv commenced. The little volume is a handsome one.

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plete loss of appetite and digestive power, with progressive debility, and

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revised. 518 pp. Price, $1.25. Philadelphia: W.B.Saunders. 1899.

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with the object of removing the hemoglobin from the cells.

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of view of a railroad man, but said that the remedy

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189; new canes admitted on Monday last, 2; number of

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surgeons. It will be noticed that no attempt is made in

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semicivilized conimunit}', as we understand it. The contrihiitions

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effusion (or other change) within the joint; in still other cases, the

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is derived from studies in such localities, and it is more difficult to explain

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A discoloration of the surface of the liver resembling that of the bronzed

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tations of neurasthenia with loss of physical and mental energy are

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reported by Elliot gauze drainage was employed, and this