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3. That the Medical Society of New Jersey Auxiliary be
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have given of this case I have attributed the patient's sym-
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The time of death is peculiarly relevant to a prosecution
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control, we will have made a major contribution to the
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Hospital, 1878; Stockwell Small-pox Hospita.1, 1882.
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Pulse 140, temp. 99°. He stated that after getting home the
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peritonitis, and was probably induced by the persistent vomit-
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Usually fluid specimens with low white cell counts (17 per-
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cv, and cxxii,) found in the vesicles of the blood, are to be
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without special training of the physician. There is no ques-
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From Barbara A. Mazzela, M.D., Delegate, Bergen County
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very clear understanding that we cannot resolve the problem
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mists of there likewise being a fallacy in these experiments ;
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distance or urgency. If non-emergency rehospitalization is
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and heterocyclic compounds, Vol. 3, 1973; Some aromatic amines,
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prolix than you desired. It would be no easy matter to relate
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with leprous material led to a perfect miliary tubercu-
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of the heart muscle by the alcohol, causing it to give way
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anatomical defects, immunoglobulin deficiencies, as well as
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strength witli which the vessels acted upon the blood. And
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primarily in the form of composting. If no progress is made
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gross pathological distinction between the two conditions.
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unusual severity. At frequent intervals tbe head was turned
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gram Arbitrary decisions are allowed and the Committee has no
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have been already so accurately delineated by Mr. Hewson,^
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I was able successfully to amend the act in Subcommittee to
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hands and feet it is thrown into wrinkles with every movement.
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infection, unless the circumstances be especially favorable to