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liver of the child, and many other causes, all of which should be carefully guarded
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path, the vengeance of retribution will be upon his head.
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the future health and happiness of her progeny. Among other things, he insists on
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The mother of the child first affected did not sicken until the 18th;
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the paper. In this instance the skin ultimately became covered
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with ; and also that proper means may be employed to bring it on at the requisite
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matic in its teaching. With its assistance, a surgeon not spe-
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— ^Dr. Edwards, feeling confident that the value of palpation
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able report on splenectomy is that of Bloomfield,^^ of Baltimore,
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mically, all its constituents are diminished, especially the water
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showed enlargement and osteoporosis of the femur at the site
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insanity, consumption, or other complaint — is most difficult of cure. I have a dread
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the paper we refer to has again produced this most valuable
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skin; and diminishes when digestion is impaired, and in a moist at-
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mory ; yet we believe its average dryness of climate exceeds that
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epithets, and the contest has continued to the present day. Since the days of Para-
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asked my co-workers, Doctors B. Stivelman and J. J. Wiener,
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Let us not for a moment believe that the last word has been
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parturition. She had previously endured agony in child-birth. Though seven months
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Case 23. — Helen C — , set. four months. Found dead in bed.
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lobule of the right side. This area became extensive behind the
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of other kinds, with deaths of children, which rise up before us wherever we go.
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entirely cure them. But there are many cases where a thorough course of medicine
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A pluripara had peritonitis begining in the second month of preg-
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Protection to labor, and different laws, would give different results, and thousands
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stances for examining at his leisure the condition of such wounds
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it is very heavy and indigestible. Of the persons whom Dr.
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In connection with the above cases, mention may also here be weU made of the
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