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It has been variously stated by writers (I quote from

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when the stomach is empty or full. In some cases peristaltie

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reasonably suspected, and also during epidemics. Isolation should be con-

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tion of the stools for some time, and especially after the administration

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visit and found the tonsils slightly hypertrophied but otherwise

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should be possible to develop here at Changsha a big Medical School

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and painful swelling of the superficial lymphatic glands m dengue decides

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be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Stiryical Journal,

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men are practically compelled to adopt protectors. They com-

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confined, however, to the lower classes or to those of inferior intelli-

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their friends and in perfect health and soundness of mind, seems a miracle."

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Apparatus for Infiltration Anesthesia. L. Moszkowicz.

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physicians the opportunity to collectively bargain with

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the ileum. This is manifestly due to the fact that the lower

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here; but it may be that the first confirmatory sign of chronic disease will be

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twenty- three hours. The os uteri continued for a long time very hard and rigid,

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prove the facts recorded without the usual tests of truth in-

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of its longer axis; in other words, tells us about its shape. From a

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a large number of animals of every species, and noted the

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so that there is no difficulty over the oil in the germ turning

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sentences from p. 4. "It is the purpose of the Medicinal Com-

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the part, the health of the body, is as to the vitality of

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whooping-cough. Of the non-infectious diseases, those affecting the

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countenance was pale, but not indicative of cachexia ;

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Bits of from 0.5 to 1 mm. in thickness are sufficiently hardened after one-half to

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necessity of exclusive devotion to one small section of profes-

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immersed in a solution of the oxalate of ammonia, a copious precipitate of the oxalate of lime

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arterial trunks will originate from it, while the stunted ventricle has

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tion was performed by Dr. Wiedemann, who preferred making his first