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fact of no cries being heard, or of any signs of a struggle being
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Rerlh riuoii.— TViUiam Smith, M.R.C.S.E , LS.A., to the Beeth District
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" One case, No. 1314, brings out a possible source of error
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as my tables show, what is a man's power in his ocular
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are physically unable to adapt themselves to the condition of
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also of pilocarpin. It was found that pilocarpin accelerated and
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of the same intestines when injected. There was no appearance
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elastic tube through these masses, and give softening enemata. The
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Case J. — M. J., ast. 4 years, on March 14, 18S5,
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sulphites ; but Signor Polli speaks less confidently of these cases.
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by order of the Board, " to guard against the introduction of
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said that long before an advertisement appeared stating that an election
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"rheumatism," and proceeds to describe regular fulgurating j^ains in various
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velle ni6thode de resection du genou. Atti d. xi. Cong,
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noticed that a series of such cases might follow the ad-
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ment of infants, the principles of disinfection, and the preven-
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6. " An Analysis of Symptoms of Arsenic Pertaining to the
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ity, especially when they consider that no 100 books outside of
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can we as yet place much reliance upon the accessory thy-
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Under the improved methods of medical treatment now available,
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On August 4th I made an application of galvanic electricity to
trazodone side effects in dogs yify
ameboid "movements, and which are found in the lym-
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the first continue the same, but relapse is not possible. I
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says that chloral presents the convulsive effects of strychnine. 8ir
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both physical and mental, in the form of indoor clubs and libraries, are almost
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Sciencias de Lisboa." pp. 200, quarto. Lisbon, 1865.
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application of nitric acid destroyed them, and they have not shown the
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