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a given infection is inversely proportional to the number of carriers.
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pelvic peritonitis in the acute stage, salpingitis acute, and urethritis
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appear to throw some light on this subject. Thus the seeds,
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face, the evaporation of the anaesthetic is prevented, and economy secured ;
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As is seen, a number of substances have been found in the precipitate
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"The Etiology, Pathology, and Clinical Aspects of the Bovine
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sure you are right," was what lawyers call surplusage,
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mits, but deems it safest, at present, to use the facts
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hpectra. Optic disks clear, slight constriction of visual fields. Treatment by potass, iodide
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ent times during the entire year, and we have also changed our fiscal year
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dure, ten are made miserable for life. The claiming that it is liable to become diseased
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portion of lard must be added to soften it a little ; the rubbing may then
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There b a marked pulsation in the precordial region, especially in the second and third
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suggests the following division: (i) True dermoids con-
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reported, by Mayor, in which the lesion was also limited to the inner
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containing an excess of undigested proteid foods, the absorption of fats
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these cases, however, the temperature will be markedly elevated, and
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good types of the "claw hand." The first phalanges are drawn back in
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skin over the fifth intercostal space is directly percussed forcibly and
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24°C. This allowed any excess of alkali left to diffuse out of the bag.
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setting aside all that subtle scepticism whose ultimate object is mere
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ion two hundred and fifty thousand gallons, besides cider, wine,
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Contribntioni for pablication should be Mnt to Dr. R. L.Tlut>
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cough, and diphtheria. In measles it may be a sequela, or may be an
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I traction of blood-ves.sels in the cerebral lobes is not
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knows that the presence of a foreign body in the air-tubes is
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geon lakes upon himself to cure a fever, he steps out of his lawful
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the disease manifests itself. More commonly the noise or roar,