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difficulty in the articulation of words, are the symptoms present. For further

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sphere showed only traces of exudation alongside of the chief vessels of the

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inspired air or in food or drink; but there is ground for the belief that

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or dactylitis, and of necrosis of the bones with no demonstrable lesion

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Training 1889, Bost., 1890, 5-22. . Athletics versus

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described ought to be combated by the following therapeutical

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always prized. In that interesting Hebrseo-Chaldean

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There is no doubt in my mind that this pill saved this

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per cent. Animal experiments have shown that the excretion of the

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about forty five inches long: hemming is unnecessary.

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tion of the uveal tract was a necessary factor in the

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name applied to it by Johnson as the fatty granular hidneij ; if gen-

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could add but little to the subject, which had been pre-

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are stated to be very exact imitations of the natural springs.

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such an interesting feature of the last meeting of our Massachu-

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with proper pains, may be well tolerated indefinitely, the general health re-

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this valley, at a depth of about three yards, a layer of

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were typical and of the usual benign character. In 9 the membrane

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all organic diseases that most commonly mistaken for hysteria has every

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vided by him into partial lobular, where a few air-

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that way and in every direction and only a small field at a time,

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did not occur to G-raefe with great frequenc}' ; but it

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limits of the consolidated area are sharply defined and,

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this and in other cases of acromegaly, depended not only on the

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the unwholesome property resided in the skin, others located

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placed them. French pharmaciens often use the term opiats as

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famous inciuiry as respects the aetiology of typhoid

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months, I feel inclined to believe that this estimate is not

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ful inspection of the cervical veins and by ordinary

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cases, if the breasts are let alone, nature will absorb it without any

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to " Charities," sent a letter, which was read by Dr. Ey-

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All that has been said of purpura simplex concerning the age and

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say I have. Do you know Dr. H. of Cortland county?"

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Physical Examination. — " The precordia is prominent and

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fistula more annoying than the one preceding it. This

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treatment of Sporadic Cretinism. Dr. A. Gordon Paterson-^ points out

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Germany is very different from the Asiatic ; mode in which that object shall be carried