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the vagina being oftenest the (joint of application of the
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disappeared only to reappear in Gujurat and Sindh in 1812. In 1823 it was
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fresh air, sunshine and proper exercise. This is the best treat-
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the wide variation between .3 and i.i of pilocarpine, with
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men and lay down laws for the profession respecting
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Bonnet, P.: Contribution a I'fitude de la leucocyth6mie chez
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walls of the vessels in inflammation. In 1876 he suc-
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tions to a third stage. He had found that this was a
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so that the time intervals are pictured. The curve may, of course, be registered by
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branes. There are, I repeat, exceptioual cases; so rare, that during
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meeting assembled, That we give our unqualified endorsement to U. S. Senate
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This test is extremely delicate, but it is less distinctive than Gunning's,
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ed difeafe, in the cities of the Eaft. I am difpofed
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of any symptom denoting distress, I am led to believe that
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5. Place the irrigator in the brass ring, which has been screwed
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In the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal^ for November 29th,
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ation of a valve. I have reason to believe this may happen in a
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Thousands of Unsolicited Testimonials from all Parts of the World.
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by V. Bebring.^ This author refers to his previously published work
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Physiological researches, within the last few years, have shown that the
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may be distinguished from enteric fever are : the absence of rash, and of pain
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good in one stage, it has been supposed to be applicable to
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statement of Mrs. B., but it is claimed by the Doctor
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1914), in which, after exposure to the rays, violent
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especially for typhoid fever, the result of the investigations
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Board has ordered the erection of a new receiving station to
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when there did not exist any medical periodical in Ireland,
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of the Dreadnought. A joint conference of Medical men
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ease was unrecognized eyestrain and its effects. In all
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dryness of the mouth. But in one patient, a stevedore, where I had
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The anatomical changes are those of a sero-fibrinous inflammation
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Much controversy has arisen over an attempt to separate this diplo-