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information which may prove helpful in the prevention of disease.

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a fine rag fastened to the end of a probe, or stick, and wet in this

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mortality table; a second was a patient who had a twin,

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On the subject of Medical Legislation, the committee ap-

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cle says — It is two stories high above the basement, and 80 feet long by

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follows: (1) It is more complicated than the simple

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skull. The skull of a dead man, calcine it, and extract the salt as that of Tartar.

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practice know how impossible it is to induce patients to attend with regu-

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special cause of periodical fever, calls for treatment having reference to

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committee is examining closely the question of cost,

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tions and instructions concerning this important point, and

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weakening influence of the degenerative processes that attack the li>'peru<o{>liie(l

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scribe the more active sulphureous medicines to so tender a pa-

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commonly introduced during a pain, but the parts must be studied

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have followed its use by Bier and later by Seldowitsch.

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glionic bodies, previously treated with a weak solution of nitrate of silver ; the* axis cylinders

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regarding the importance of physicians having a sound understanding

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the army, read a paper outlining the method of disinfection and

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bacteria ivith demonstrations " .- William H. Park.

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page 1112.) The acquittal was the more remarkable because there was

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the latter, less commonly the wife the husband, and both becoming

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the immediate development of the disease; it may diminish the

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of abscess, the next question is, What is the situation of the abscess ? This

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disease than that indicated by these symptoms. Theie

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cate transparent character, presenting much of the appearance of a tesselated epithe-

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by vapor-heated fresh air brought in from a source where there is no possibility of

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the retrocecal region, are indicated by evidences of intense toxemia and