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treatment often employed for marginal placenta praevia with

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this operation and of laparatomy must be balanced by surgeon. In cases where

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tj^hoid fever but it is a disease in which perhaps more than any other

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Death may occur at almost any time in the course of typhoid fever,

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sometimes preceded by one or two slight contractions of the

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There was no fluctuation. Forty injections were given

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, For one powder •to be taken ter die. Particularly

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cases, and a doubtful fourth, which he considered to belong to the zos-

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Miss A. G., age 23. Has frontal headaches, which come on the third

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whole to be shaken before used. They have no definite

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curve rises. The negative phase varies in degree, depending upon the

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*6-methylcoumarin (used in perfumes, shaving lotions

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in the sinuses it is injected. We insert on a probe a small pledget of

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bear upon the cerebral capillaries, and the physical conditions of the

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determination on the patient’s plasma before the cryoprecipi-

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would supposedly tend at some period to cause a relaxation of the

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recorded by Probst, and already referred to, is remarkable in that,

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planted that in the posterior surface of this new va-

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roll-call, but if, for instance, every clinical student had to

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The beginning of labor is usually distinguished by a discharge of

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Physical Examination. — The patient is of fairly normal build and develop-

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at the Naval Hospital at Philadelphia on October 1, 1884. There are

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circulation, so that his appearance is like that seen in wasting disease ; in

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The group known as paratyphoid B is much more common and wide-

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great on manipulating the limb. If ether is given, in

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|| De la Pathologie des Symptomes Uremiques, p. 18. "II Op. cit., p. 01.

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marriages, a great season among the poor, and the festivals of the May

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of the body of the bone remain. With a fracture of the body

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eyes became fixed on the floor, his pupils dilated a little,

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mutate from one variety to another. Although very closely allied,

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of the glands. The sarcomatous growth was found to extend

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more or less of the distal part of the nail being separated from its bed.

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but it may be the only feature, and there may be no clue to the nature of