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preparation of antl-x sera In rabbits. J. Immunol ., in press.
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lead to useful and practical results. At the last meeting two
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natural demands of the husband. The fear of pregnancy,
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total number of cases of infantile spinal paralysis
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therefor being made to that bureau. Medical supplies so requested
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of grayish nodules in the conjunctiva just beneath the
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conveys a crackling or grating sensation to the examining fingers.
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smooth and inverted. Adenoid tissue stUl present; small amount of exudate on
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glected to wear his truss. Five days after the first
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Accetta vs. Ziippa, 54 New York Supreme Court, Appellate
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the uvula on the back of the mirror, the uvula and soft,
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much as other similar lesions would be under special policy forms.
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abdomen are penetrating or perforating, and may be either
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diticm to which we shall allude again while discussing the sjrmptoms.
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reaction of the galvanometer appears to have been caused by
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for the restoration of the nose are not, as a rule,
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hospital is not the place for the hygienic treatment
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which I defended in 1874, and also several other papers, which were
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every working analyst will appreciate it as a guide in his own labo-
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illness, which would appear from the fever, the anjemia, and the
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recourse to this remedy. But when perspiration is induced, the
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of the eye muscles. Then when it comes to adapting lenses and
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esteem of both his patients and the general public in that vicin-
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Opium, Camphorated Tincture of (Paregoric).— D., dr. 1-4 (cc. 4.-15.).
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the patient or the patient from the poison. Alcdiolics should not
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appeared since the issuing of the British Pharmaco-
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Jerome Caedan, an Italian physician, author, mathemati-
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it makes the surgeon more careful in the after-treatment of
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He says that if you have a deflected spinous process you have
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ed small irritating doses, that mercury acts as a poison, gra-
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working order. We have already said, that the conser-
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4Zeit. fiir Heilkunde, 1903, Bd. xxiv. Heft vlli ; Abth. f. Int. Med.,
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ifiL We have fluorosooped the patient, and after filling the colon with
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that the train of symptoms differs with the different tempera-