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count of the existing uterine adhesions of which could not have

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ment containing Notices of the New Medicines and Preparations added in

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which are not sufficiently developed to permit of their removal. But if

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cases a withdrawal of fluid from the diet, as much as could

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finger, and allows that of the patient to come in contact with his.

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the fulfilment of the conditions ; but when this is proved, it will scarcely be

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the joint, or when a similar result follows a protracted attack,

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brain and spinal cord, with turgescence of all the vessels of the pia-mator and nervon.s

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cause it to describe circles (torsions of large ambit) in two directions,

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Pneumococci. According to the author's experience, FraenkePs pneumococcus

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rise to a round-celled infiltration and connective-tissue formation

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allow different types of originals to be sent with sharp and

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"posted up" in European Medical literature, should be without this

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and vesiclee with depression in the centre, ond of the remission of 1Kb

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inconsiderable. Its electro-moiive power I performed. It lasted one minute and a half,

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to much original matter, this volume contains well-chosen

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book — i.e., with the problem of fighting bacterial infec-

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are infected before operation, the occurrence of sepsis cannot be

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coccus (top) and that produced by "Bacillus X" (bottom).

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" 1 will close this miserable scroll by relating the following medical

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on science, technology, and medical education. With

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book — i.e., with the problem of fighting bacterial infec-

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such cheerful and encouraging remarks as "Oh, doctor I

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ogist. We are assured that considerable parts of the work were first

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Within tlie last fifty years medicine and surgery have made greater

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of 285, 205, 195 and 280 respectively. At 104 weeks the graph shows

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cubic centimeters of gonococcus extract kill within twenty hours;

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disease, as I regret to say is so often done. (Para-

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" I had known many persons who cursed the day when he

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constriction of the surrounding nerve fibers, presenting appearances not

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Undernutrition, effect of, on muscular force. Study of influence of low