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gravities before and after the fermentation, and calculating gr. i
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were all more or less inclined to the belief that the tumor was a sarcoma.
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close of the week w-ere 195 cases of scarlet fever, 72 of measles,
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the many unfavorable comparisons of intubation with
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a great measure on analogical reasoning, our results in determm-
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petite and digestion, flatulence, unnatural colour, and fetor of the
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becomes compressed by increased air pressure, its volume
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amounts of bicarbonate of soda by mouth and by infusion
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ceptible to cocaine and atropine, and others, like the one
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enteritis may lead to a chronic catarrhal condition. Unwholesome food,
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is accepting risk. Payors are using their means to justify
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emptied, and the surgical instruments and all the furnishings de-
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the manners and habits of life. As eftablifhments are now formed
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xxiii, 206-215. [Discussion], 210-2'24. . The chloro-
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by nature to bear weight, excepting round the extremities
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mediate attendance upon a child who had coughed once or twice, with
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I shall take it for granted, as being beyond question, that the
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bled to adopt them advantageously as rules of practice; ma-
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of these cases have been in the early days of laparotomy
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there is a vacancy in the position of District Health
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riod where she could be called at all proficient in her art.
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Blood Examination: Eed blood-corpuscles, 4,304,000; leucocytes,
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Nausea and sickness, again, are frequent symptoms of dyspepsia, and
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from the middle nursing, compared with cow's milk about
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year ago he was apparently perfectly well. Ho walked cor-
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The cases in this section convey a great lesson. They show the gravity
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ing thin second edition. — St. Louis Med. and Surg.
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forcible twisting movement of the neck, although the arterial
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much time. I could never before easily get patients to understand
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are dependent on the associations and comtorts of home and friends for their
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commonly after change of residence. Travelers coming from the in-
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to have any radical operation done. He is about, in
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British Isles, France, Germany and the United States, to all of
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met with the disease on the Gold Coast in Chinese miners, but have
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