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note that it is only slightly developed in the whale. As Dr. Ross points

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absolute milk diet still retains its importance in acute nephritis,,

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ravages committed by it are quickly repaired, and a feeling of well-

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Junior and Senior students who have an interest in Obstetrics

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or no emaciation, and no coDsequent sinking of the bones to correspond with supposed

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in individuals who had small, weak hearts. Misguided by this theory,

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Oporto, Portugal, state that the cases observed by them are

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intend to write you more at length in regard to individual specimens.

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browner as it fades. You may feel that it is slightly elevated above

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increase of mortality in 1864 in the army as in Hospitals —

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only one of very many I believe this to be the true explanation

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quantit}' of urine is not much, nor even at all, increased. Examination

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rhoids. Diarrhoea is apt to become more prominent and more troublesome,

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The sphere of any septic infection by the attendant begins

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as vinegar, etc. For poisoning by an acid, give an alkali, such

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This difference is, likewise, clearly manifested by the symptoms, as the

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rapid, it can often be recognised only, post mortem, by finding

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is generally thought of as being a disease in which there are certain

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tinguish between lesions of the cortex itself and the subjacent fibres of

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ble aliment. During the stage of convalescence, the utmost circumspec-