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traces of albumin (Manson). In some cases the corresponding

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The so-called ulcerative endocarditis is characterized by small ulcera-

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all in the old saying that God made the country and man

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istic seroreaction. Again, the Pfeiffer bacillus may be discovered in the nasil

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one, particularly for so conservative a country as Eng-

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directly, 1st, by passage into the blood, and, 2d, by excretion through

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struction in the smaller bronchi, or other impediment, hinder proper

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animal, with the view of ascertaining if it acta in the same manner.

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gotten in the process of ossification, which are certainly

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out into the thin amnion membrane continuous with that which

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that, as respects the depressing effects of confinement in heated rooms on

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when, finding at the end of several weeks there was no union, the impending

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ent of, although acting concurrently with, the recognised

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in a few days the patient is perfectly free from it. He has

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olent pleuritis ? " The case quoted by Mr. Tail was

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those of Laitinen,^ of the University of Helsingfors. Professor

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attended with an unaccountable degree of debility. Stimulating and tonic

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great deal in size, and it now appears that those which are truly miliary,

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Case II.— I. M. K., female, married, aged 32. This patient

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which corresponds to the utero-vesical pouch in the

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cord, appeared swollen. There was at this time some hoarse-

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so much bearing down, heaviness, and distress that she

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operation on the intestines, the nature of which could not be ascer-

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as to cause the pathologist to return a misleading report ; while,

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mendations, founded on the various suggestions made by the

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attack, which mav l»e extremelv sudden. When the *cc:e

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aged 21 years, was stabbed in the right cervical region on

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!Patiiiiis (C.) [Biography.] Inhis: Lyceum pataviu.

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menced vomiting. When she vomited I pressed my hand lightly

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gentian or other tonic for lack of blood ; less nutritious

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