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fifteen cases with two deaths. By the mixed method,

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reports 4 cases occurring in children or young infants; 2

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of Philadelphia, and thus prepared, after the excellent custom of

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and milk were boiled four weeks ago. During and after

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7. Annual Reports Supervising Surgeon Marine Hospital Service

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by Dr. Christison and Mr. Syme in correction of a portion of

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developed undulating membrane, 10-day culture, X 2,467. ( Figures made from camera outlines.)

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of medical care designed for national bureaucratic con-

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nitrogen may be largely represented as masses of bacteria.

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Board ( A ) of medical examiners. Lehii;h Valley M.

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infection. Typhoid bacilli may live for a varying period in butter, some

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power to resume in normal proportion her work of dis-

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are not applied until the algid period, or period of collapse,

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His throat is normal. I can move his head forward, but, as you see,

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peratures were found, the first place must be awarded

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cannot be compared with any of the diseases known at present,

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investigations, and that which, above all other considera-

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person. It is well know that exercise renders the bones tougher, and

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Journal. Edited by S. D. Gross, M. D., and T. G. Richardson, M. D. Phi-

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purple skin of a typical example of Ilaynaud's disease the circulation has

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appear somewhere else, most frequently in the leg of the same side as the

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present a paper or report before a Section, to forward either

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In one of these attacks the pain persisted a week or more.

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longest abstinence have occurred. Hard study, the ardent pursuit of objects,

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Temperature 102.2** F. ; pulse no, of bad quality ; con-

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only the sensibility of the skin, as Thermes has shown,