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bloody stools, and on autopsy characteristic renal lesions

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pens, becomes secondarily infected and inflamed.'' Such,

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should be controlled by antipyrin or by the external applica-

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change, to which the term bradyresthesia is applicable ;

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spective State Societies. The report of the trustees was

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bacteria that could have any etiologic connection with

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the urine is to be examined repeatedly in order to ascertain the persistency

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its violence, from the fact stated by Tanquerel, that the patients observing in

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at first promulgated, without bad results, still I think

trazodone narcotic cell

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which so frequently accompanies psychogenic disorders,

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petechial fever, embolism, aneurism, ulcerated new formations, anthrax,

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hydrogen. The second instance is recorded hy De Corogna in his

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pure culture even after four months. The occurrence of cholecystitis

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I could never see how any sort of an orthopaedic apparatus served a

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The instances of the operation are sufliciently numer-

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portance of certain findings, and the struggle to meet

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This is a skin afiFection which is also called larva migrans on account

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On the contrary, I can bring forward many instances of patients, such

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leper, who expectorated freely and was incessantly scratching the

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unlil all arreariijjes are paid All leUers and conimuni-

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ritic posterior internal ophthalmia, or, as it has been called, acute glaucoma.

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disease are apt to take the form of a more or less typical attack of acute arth"

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Temperature before operation, 101.8° F., at 10 r m.

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have increased fifty i^er cent, within less than twenty five

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The volume under review represents, therefore, the first

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the bill, and I will fix it." But how will he, the lover,

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Edw. Van Alstyne, Kinderhook, N. Y. — The sows have a quiet place by them-