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EDWARD C. REGISTER, M. D., EDITOR liowever, that all citizens of this State who

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severe cases came under treatment within the first three days of the disease. Of these

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Society in 1881. There were three strongly pulsating tumors.

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emphysema are diminished on account of the permanent inspiratory

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from the vitreous by oblique illumination. Tension, minus 2;

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thus treated left the hospital completely cured in ten to fif-

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Panama Canal Zone. Cases occurred at Camp E. S. Otis, during May,

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and these play an important part in the production of morbid phenomena.

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passing through the whole thickness of the abdominal walls

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region of the great occipital nerve is usually also affected (second

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A year before this admission, November, 1902, she was in the University

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This condition may also involve the upper limb, which hangs inert

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views on medicine in general and of homoeopathy in particular.

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and they were removed at the Throat Hospital. He was not again

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wards converted into the foetus; 'foetus' is applied to the embryo after the

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efficient, and responsive to the needs of the Pulaski County

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been shown by Senator, von Noorden, Da Costa, myself and others.

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separation from the bacteria present in that locality. Flexner and Lewis,'

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posed probably, as stated, when the elder girl only felt

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Vermont, published in Boston, 1815," gives an accurate account of Cerebro-Spinal

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