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that those seated on opposite sides be separated by
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a sudden emptying of the food into the stomach, as you
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Cases where the fat is too great in amount are usually
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small tablesjioonful of saltpeter (nitrate of potash)
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believed it was better to be satisfied with decompression
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Employed upon this. theory, it seems that in 1858, the use of the
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and requested that something should be done for C.'s relief.
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form on the face ; the mouth and fauces were also covered. T«
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! The subject of the National Insurance Act, which was
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kind. In treating this condition, a careful examination
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or it may fight the dog. If a puppy is hurt or gets into
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brandy and water, but he declined it, saying. ** It will only delay
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£25,000 to an irresponsible philanthropic association. It
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often enough to specialize in any other one of them,
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.accounts it is not used for the urethra. It is, however, well adapted
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Fig. I. — Appearance of a large thigh wound on the dale of
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In well-defined cholera, when the disease approaches the algid
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that she should have a second operation, but refused. I have
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2. In melatichoHd, the effects of morphia, thuff adminbtered, are
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since the commencement of the first child's illness, and
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disappear when the patient lies down it is likely to escape
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numbers are kept together, as on some of the ranges
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into a brain with full consciousness, or a brain with
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sunlit movements of the time being. Liberty of thought is allowed
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lithiasis, especially in the latent or abnormal forms
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of March. Professor Storer delivered the address. The gradu-
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improving. !^. Opium gr. ss., Nit. Silver gr. 1-4, Asafoetida grs.
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physiological fusion, and it has been shown that the for-
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or tie -strap and slipping it into his mouth in the place
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irrigation was afterwards kept up for twenty-four hours.
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ters shall apply tliem in the interest of the public
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appliances necessitates, and, further, that competi-
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result later in cures (26.6 per cent.), 2 cases showing some
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argument as this it is only necessary to point out that the
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three children, two of them twins ; one miscarriage
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iliac veins, ligature is necessarily considerably more
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Even more common are. the instances in which the subtle, yet
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