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IVhole nomber ofdeatha In Oo8|on for the week endlnf March Bl, 33. Males, 18~FeiiialeF, 1&.
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in which epithelial elements lie. Most of these networks present rounded and
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clavicle and fourth rib, and is rare in cavities elsewhere. On auscultation
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dare not venture to say how many — twenty, perhaps, or
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had concurred in the opinion that cold water thus learnedly ap-
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gout and associated metabolic disttirbance, cardio-vascular disease
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assumes a primary affection of the peripheral nerve
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saving the much-abused " pneumonia " from the credit
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also its ])osition, can be restored to a normal condition, and
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to the relative rank, pay, allowances, and position of
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way under the skilful guidance of Dr. Mills, but the search
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notwithstanding the symptoms of excitation so promi-
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Oliver, Robert T., contract examining and supervising dental sur-
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and the Librarian, Dr. Brigham, presented their reports.
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lar pneumonia. 4. Bronchial lobular pneumonia. 5. The in-
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Diffuse Exudative Reactions Associated with Lesions of the Bones.
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should be endlessly tactful, gentle and firm, and that above all
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should not be given immediately in conjunction with the coal-tar anti-
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The third and fourth figures accompanying this paper il-
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The extreme variations in the different experiments were 13 per cent,
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Three points in the differential diagnosis of this malady and
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thoroughly regained sphincteric control. It seemed to
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of blood were lost three or four times a day, for one or two days,
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part of the brain assumes the form of an M, the two ver-
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ences, No. 14, edited by Professor Chapman. If Dr. Meigs%
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Dr. Eden said that last summer he had the opportunity of seeing this
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by stating that the "staff" are members of the County
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lin and vaseline. Some care must be exercised not to cause the
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82 and 92 c), commencing above at the great longitudinal fissure a Utile
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Apparent exceptions exist to this law, in several instances.
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tion as due to paralysis of the sensory nerves of the region
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if accompanied by pain and vomiting, leading to considerable loss in
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the rule rather than the exception and that this compli-
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also recognise that certain sections of the arteriole field may contract or
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cases thus treated, and in each operation (except 2) stripped off about one-half
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a mortality vi-hich would be represented in London by 830, 520,
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