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recognised at the time, and by demonstrating the inoculability of tuber-

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The comparative rarity of femoral hernia, and the fact that a large

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nut. The patient was put to bed apparently comfortable. The opera-

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a fairly large percentage of carbon monoxide, and are therefore dangerous

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superior onfice was about the size of a dollar, and the inferior somewhat

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I shall now state, in a few words, what the general treatment was with

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most of the so-called cases of third dentitions are just analogous cases.

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in the form of thyroid extract. It is thus evident that the symptoms of

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Pathogeny. — It is now generally agreed that tetany is an affection of

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energy, is characterized by a constant watchfulness, frequent, weak and

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sometimes causes, it cannot be said that any serious illness has been traced

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Thymus Gland. — The thymus is generally persistent and may be increased in

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To the preceding claims to our professional veneration, were united

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[Commanieated for tlie Boiton Medical andavrgleal Joarnal.]

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Surgery. A suitable room will be provided, and pupils will have the use of an extensive medical

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hand, arm, and leg rolling ; (c) Kneading on the extremities ; {d) Local heart

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standard, and their animal sensibility has been much lessened; soM

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sary to appoint professors to the vacant chairs. All the former ones

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the course of operations cancerous elements are spread about the wound

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Humphrey Davy, 26 or 27 ; while Dr. Good, Dr. C. J. B. Williaros,

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Air act of incorporation having beea obtained from the General Asseaa*

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the wrist-drop is double, one hand is usually more affected than the other.

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the neck ; a tensive dull pain with sometimes acute paroxysms ; it usually

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